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Why Austin Rainbow Theatre?
Get to know our mission better and how your support can change lives.
Theatre For Everyone
Austin Rainbow Theatre is the only company in Central Texas that produces work exclusively focused on LGBTQIA+ stories.
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A Letter From Our Founder

Welcome to the future of Austin theatre!

We hope you join us on our mission to put Austin on the global map for LGBTQIA+ performing arts.

I would like to share a story with you. It’s one I tell often to those who are willing to listen. I even tell it to myself when I need a reminder of why I get out of bed in the morning.

Years ago, when I was a struggling artist in New York City, I made the yearly pilgrimage to Fire Island with my friends. While walking along the boardwalk, a man stopped us to share something with me that I will never forget.

He showed me a picture of his closest friend who had passed from AIDS in the 90s. I was dumbstruck – the young man in the picture looked just like me! The man told me how much I reminded him of his dearest friend, and how he was here on Fire Island celebrating his friend’s birthday. His friend, like me, was a struggling artist. Like me, he faced the barriers of trying to break into an industry that would not allow him to live his truth. His struggle, of course, was more severe than my generation will ever know.

That young man had the strength of will to live openly and pursue his dreams in the darkest of times. His story, and the stories of all those who are brave enough to live out loud are what drive me. They are the reason this company exists.

This is our first season as an official non-profit theatre company. I firmly believe that this project of love will grow into a new gold-standard of LGBTQIA+ artistic expression.

Your support during this founding year will make you a pioneer in amplifying LGBTQIA+ voices.

From my heart,
Christopher Preslar
Executive Artistic Director

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